Ieva Berzina

Ieva Berzina
Ieva BerzinaSacral song meditation

By singing, we come into contact with our true nature and unite with the divine power in us.

Sacral Song meditation

Sacred music and singing has been my discovery as a path towards happiness and spiritual growth. When we sing, our soul speaks. When we sing, we are set free and come to know ourselves. When we sing, we encounter our true nature and we connect to the divine powers within us.

For many years now, I have been leading gatherings to encourage people let go and trust themselves to their own voice through Latvian folk songs as well as other traditional mantras and sacred music from all over the world. Nature has gifted us with a voice which may become a powerful tool if we sing devotedly and with our hearts wide open. There is no mistake in the Latvian language where the word “singing” shares the same linguistic roots as the word “healing”.

During the festival, I will be guiding us through a power song meditation! We will be singing songs that bring us closer to the Water Element! Our singing will be accompanied with Celtic harps, kokles, guitars and drum music! Let us meet each other and unite in song!

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