Jānis Filks

Jānis Filks
Jānis FilksSolstice Fire Ritual

Janis will lead festival's Solstice ritual

Solstice Fire ritual

I was born and raised in England, my parents were refugees after WWII, I am a Latvian from England, I went to a Latvian Saturday school, danced folk dances, participated in the refugee community!

My formal education is Master of Science in Environmental Management, Control of Pollution. Since the age of nineteen, I have been interested in alternative nutrition science, alternative medicine and alternative economics and agriculture, alternative lifestyles, I also have certificates in therapeutic massages.

I found shamanic practice at an alternative nutrition seminar in 1997, when the presenter said something like this; "It is very good when one takes care of their physical well-being, but we should also consider taking care of our spiritual health, I do something called shamanism, which is still present in three european communities, the Karelians, the Gypsies, and the Letts (German for Latvians)." In a break I clarified that she had misspoken, she had intended to say "Laps" (English for the Sami). Regardless, I felt the need to find out more and two months later I took part in her introduction of shamanism workshop.

I emigrated to my parents' home country in 2001 but only in 2010 after a personal crisis, did I finally get directions that it was time to ‘come out’ and work publicly, to share with my knowledge.

There is a saying amongst practitioners that  "shamanism" can not be learned from another person, only from spirit, one guiding spirits, only they can show what you need to know, because only they know your soul. For me this has been very true, and it has been a very challenging school, a never ending education.

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