Juris Bharganath Grave

Juris Bharganath Grave
Juris Bharganath Grave


Juris Bharganath Grave shares his wisdom at Love Mystery school.

Love Mystery School

Juris Bharganath and his Beloved Bhavani - travellers, friends and lovers. For several years now, we have traveled around the world by discovering and practicing various spiritual paths. We learn from this mysterious process, called Life, on this beautiful and inspiring planet Earth and our consciousness, from the Vedic, Shamanish, Dao, Sufi and Buddhist intelligent schools and traditions, practicing and applying elements from the teachings of Yoga, Tai Chi, transpersonal psychology, Osho and other meditative practices. But the closest to our hearts is Tantra, the most beautiful of the Life sciences. Path of The Heart and Love. This is the path to which we meet, the experience we keep, the deepening, and the inspiration from which we are continuing. A gift with which we are ready to share.
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