Olard Dixon

Olard Dixon
Olard DixonShaman, Conscious Dreaming

A writer, a traveler, a scholar of shamanic practices, an author of over 20 books concerning the traditional beliefs among the people in Siberia, Far East and Far North. An initiated shaman.

Conscious Dreaming

Olard Dixon is a writer who has authored more than twenty books, dedicated to the traditional cultures, originating in Siberia and America. An initiated shaman. An active member of the Tuva Shaman Organization 'Dungur' ('The Shaman Drum') of the Tuva Republic and a member of the Russian Geographical Society. Olard comes from a long family line of Karelians located in Yogna, Tver Oblast, Russia. His people are called the people of the 'Ancient Bone'.

Olard has organized field research groups in Thailand (the Sak Jant magical tattoo practices), Cuba (the Santeria religion of the Lucumi Yoruba people), Peru (the shamanistic ceremonies of the Shipibo Conibo people), as well as Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Cambodia (the folk tradition of the 'magic potion'). An expert in the symbolism and iconography of the Buddhist 'Thanka' painting tradition – Vajrayana. An adept of the altered states of consciousness. A teacher of the Tuvan throat singing, dream yoga and various traditional shamanistic practices. An artist of the bone carving craft, a director, a musician and a poet. A prize-winning participant in many international ethnographic festivals and art exhibitions, televised projects and documentaries as well as scientific conferences and congresses.



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