Pete Bengry

Pete Bengry
Pete BengrySound Healing, Musician


By achieving this level of expertise in producing healing rhythms, he is able to merge with the energetic sounds and deliver them to the client in their purest form. Therefore untouched by the conditioned mind. This produces a profound and deep healing experience, which is quite unique within western shamanism.

Shaman and Musician


Pete Bengry has been playing percussion for over 40 years. His connection began as a child when he recognized his natural ability within rhythm. Beginning to experiment with his gift became his primary resource, as this was his initiation into his path as a healer, musician and creative artist. By listening, he learned and this became a mirror of understanding between his presence in this world and the awareness of those within the spirit world.

In order for a tree to grow a seed has to be nurtured.”


The ground that supports the tree is as important as the fruit that the tree produces. This balance is exactly the same with how Pete nurtures his connection with the drum and the elements of sound healing. His roots are supported by his initiation from spirit as a child and this awareness has always directed his path of compassion within sound. Always knowing the drum influenced his path, it was not until years later as a teenager, he truly understood his connection with the drum was linked to shamanism. Attending various training programs only reinforced his abilities within this ancient practice. Having developed all his primary skills being guided by the drum, he was able to merge with spirit intuitively forming a potent bond. Having taught worldwide and recognized by numerous teachers, he is considered adept in his field.

Perceiving sound beyond the limitations of the five senses.”


Having spent so many years mastering his skill, Pete has refined his perception towards the creation of the healing rhythm. He not only hears the sounds, but he also witnesses the sound itself.

Having practiced in complete darkness for the majority of his personal training, he is able to play without vision. However, this approach is nurtured and supported through the guidance of his healing spirits whom direct his movements.

His description is similar to that of a puppeteer and a puppet, but spirit is the puppeteer and he is the puppet. The strings are the chords of energy transmitted from the spirit world, which Pete receives with absolute accuracy, which he then presents as healing sounds to the client.

We live in a world where we analyze and categorize so much information. Pete believes that his unique approach is highly beneficial as it bypasses the analytical brain and remains as pure healing sound.

By achieving this level of expertise in producing healing rhythms, he is able to merge with the energetic sounds and deliver them to the client in their purest form. Therefore untouched by the conditioned mind. This produces a profound and deep healing experience, which is quite unique within western shamanism.


To hear true authentic healing sounds, we need to refine how we perceive sound. Each rhythm played holds a message, which Pete delivers precisely to the client. His body, drum and spirit become one.“

There is a sacred balance, which exists between the shamanic practitioner and the client. Pete describes this as “The amplifier and the receiver.” Spirit is the amplifier and the practitioner is the receiver. This again reflects to the drum being the amplifier and the client being the receiver. He believes this is one of the most crucial techniques that enable authentic and effective healing. A balance of sensitivity exists for all, so it is paramount that the practitioner develops a high level of expertise with their chosen instrument, for example the drum.

As we breathe, we sustain life, as we inhale and exhale. As we receive from spirit, we absorb healing information. As we amplify we deliver healing information. The space between is the mastery of awareness, which enables the healing miracle to exist.”

Drums and percussion have been used within shamanism for thousands of years. They offer the practitioner transportation to the spirit world. Many people understand this ancient technique, however not everyone fully appreciates the power of these sacred tools. Every rhythm produced contains a message of healing, which can support your clients.

When someone wishes to learn to massage they are required to understand the human body. So, when we wish to offer healing through shamanism and sound healing, surely we are required to understand the drum?

This is not always the case, so I have developed a training, which I received as a child, which I call ‘The Shamans Drum.’ Every step you will be guided to deepen your awareness towards the spirit of the drum. As one learns to navigate the body through massage, I offer you the opportunity to navigate the drum through sensitive awareness.

I invite you to an opportunity to dive deeply into the sacred connection between the shaman and the drum. Together we will explore the sacred bond that enables the shaman to perform their profound healing work.

Throughout the training you will learn how to become the see-er, develop precise control using the drum, refine your awareness to your five senses and connect to the genius of your body, explore and navigate the natural tones of the drum, invite our healing teachers and explore the mirrors of healing.

This is a very unique training and many people describe it as an initiation into the shamanic drum. All of the teaching, I received as a child upon my journey towards mastering the drum as a sacred tool within shamanism and it is with absolute respect and thanks that I offer you the opportunity to experience this unique path of healing.


Receiving the drum as a child was a healing gift.

It is an honour to share this sacred gift with you.”


Testimonial 1

Pete Bengry has devoted his life to helping others heal on all levels, emotionally, physically and spirituality. He has such a wealth of information to share with his students. His passion for merging his extensive knowledge in shamanism within his music is possible as he is such an extraordinary musician. I highly recommend his workshops and his work as a shamanic practitioner.”

Sandra Ingerman, author of 10 books on shamanic healing including “Walking in Light: The everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.”


Testimonial 2:

The loose and rolling grooves produced by the wonderful percussionist Pete Bengry transported the collective psyche towards an altered state.”

The Guardian Newspaper

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