Polina Shir-El

Polina Shir-El
Polina Shir-ElMusician & Actress

A hereditary musician, actor, dancer, performer, researcher of ancient cultures, leading trainings and seminars.

Musician and Actress

Polina Shir-El (Russia - Lithuania) Hereditary musician, actor, dancer, performer, researcher of ancient cultures, leading trainings and seminars.

Since 2007, she has traveled the world in theaters, with performances and musical projects. Assistant and translator of the seminars Peruquois Frances (Australia).

Among the teachers are Sainkho Namchylak (throat singing), Zohar Fresko, Andrei Tanzyu, Kirill Osherov, David Kookermann (frame drums, percussion), Tsvetanka Varimezova (Bulgarian folk singing), Zhanna Kabanova (Russian folk songs, dances), Patra Devi ), Natalia Dzhunkovskaya (sacred female tribal dance), Rachel Brice (tribal-fusion) and others.

Knows songs in more than 10 languages, including ancient ones, independently studies various song traditions of the people of the world in the context of healing sound. Since 2011, combines performance and sacred music, performing concerts and conducting master classes. In 2014, she became the musical trainer of the theater actors "School of Dramatic Art", and also collaborates with the theater as a musician, composer and actor. Since 2016, she started intensive coaching and creative activities in the Baltic States, leads women's circles, meditations with a tambourine, rhythmic and vocal intensities.

1. Emotional cleansing. Emotional cleansing through the voice is a profound practice in which, without involving thoughts and some kind of logical parsing, you can get rid of old, repressed emotions. Despite the stress of the external world, which is reflected in us, the vibration lives deep inside, in the body, in the breath. We will hear this vibration, which has incredible power to bring us home, to our own soul, to remember who and what I really am. Deep healing is realized here and now, when vibrations of sound begin to dissolve and melt the blocks, clamps and rigid circuits, and the flow of mother earth, the matter that weaves the body and spirit together, opens.

2. Healing circle songs. A sacred approach to sound implies a meeting at a deep level, with another person or with oneself, with some aspects of one's being. Circle songs are an ancient form of healing ritual, in which rhythm, movement and voice are combined, where the hearts of participants are opened and united in a safe space. Special sounds, their combinations, tunes have different kinds of effects and work as conductors at the level of the body and consciousness. Using drums, tambourines and other percussion instruments makes the process fun and creative, where everyone contributes to a large synchronous process.

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