Premal Madina

Premal Madina
Premal MadinaFeminine Power through Dance


Premal Madina is a master and performer of dance, teacher, choreographer and a certified psychologist. She has established the dance academy in Riga “Nataraj Dance”. Practitioner of the Indian classical dance Odissi, Kathak and Yoga. Premal is also the organizer and creator of Butiba festival.

Feminine Power through Dance

Ever since I was a very young child I felt that my life should be related to dance. When I first set my foot in India, I realized that it was the Indian Classical dance that let me transfer my energy in a wholesome and balanced way and I could discover my inner world. 

I realized that expressing my feelings, emotions and individual transformations through body is psychology. It is the philosophical understanding of the dance therapy, opening up of my femininity and blossoming through the dance. 

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