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Of all instruments in the world, the drums are the most intriguing, because they remind us always of our mothers heartbeat

Reconnection with our inner forces

To me, healing is mostly about Trauma - wounds of shock which we experience during our childhood, in war or other turmoils of live. Shamanic rituals and ceremonies use different techniques to help us opening our senses and become receptive to blocked emotions and hidden memories. This process is unobtrusive and often releases suppressed emotions and old tensions on a deep level of the unconcious, opening channels of understanding and compassion to our old reactions. The results range from feelings of relief and easiness to profound changes in behavior and attitude to life.

As a shaman, my inner drive is to support myself and others to reconnect to our own inner source - to become whole and powerful.

I offer trancedance, shamanic journeys, meditations and various other techniques and practices for spiritual growth and self healing, on my own as well as with various partners. Since I'm a musician, I always use live music for most of the events to support the quality of "being in the moment", in the "Here and Now". Besides - the quality of live music,  played on real instruments in real time helps people to step much easier into the "otherworld".

Workshops offered by Rishi:

  • June 23, 22.00-24.00....Trance Dance
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