Shonchalai Hovenmei

Shonchalai Hovenmei
Shonchalai HovenmeiThroat Singing

A shamaness, A teacher in the art of the Northern Dance and Psychoenergetics. A performer of the traditional music instruments and the throat singing in the Hai tradition.

Throat singing, Wolf Dance

Shonchalai Hovenmei

A shamanness (Kam) of the Salgin ('Wind') family line Ah Haska ('White Bone') originated in Khakassia and the Hovenmei ('Gentle') family line Bai-Khara ('The Great Black') of the Tuva region. An active member of the Tuva Shaman Organization 'Dungur' ('The Shaman Drum') of the Tuva Republic. A researcher of folklore, folk music and the traditional shamanism practices. A participant of many ethnographic expeditions.

Teacher in the art of the Northern Dance and Psychoenergetics.

Performer of the traditional music intstruments and throat singing of the Hai tradition. A member of the folkloric music groups 'Ulger', 'Zharki' and the Theatre of the Shamanic Mysteries 'Kamlat-Kam'.

Participant in many international ethnographic and music festivals, scientific conferences and congresses, television projects and documentaries

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