Festival Program

Festival Program 2021

  • Day 1

    June 22

  • Day 2

    June 23

  • Day 3

    June 24

  • Day 4

    June 25

  • Būtība team

    Our first festival ceremony, meeting each other, opening the space.

  • Inin Nini with Butiba Team, Biruta Ozolina

  • Būtība team Time to stop, listen to each other and share. Teachers will talk about their classes and rituals.

  • Ilona Ansone / Mežmala / PULSATION ECSTATIC JOURNEY

    Biodanza with Anete un Diāna / Šķūnis / BIODANZA

    BIODANZA® is a unique method of personal development, physical, mental and social health improvement, the theoretical model of which is based on the idea of the possibility of regeneration and self-regulation of all living systems. The aim of the method is to improve people's quality of life, reduce daily stress, get to physical and emotional well-being and restore a sense of basic trust in the world.

  • Shanti / Šķūnis The duo “Shantí”, or truly Liene and Santa, embarked on a musical journey together in 2018 with an initial desire to create and experiment with interpretations of Latvian folk songs, both in musical accompaniment and in singing – atypical, perhaps a little daring but at the same time magical.

  • Liza Martin / Šķūnis / LIFE WITHOUT FEAR

    Her purpose is to guide and connect the person to the space of peace and bliss, that is deep inside each one of us and doesn’t depend on whatever happens on the periphery of our being.

    Andris & Egija Skujiņi / Templis / TANTRA ENERGY

    We will discuss and enjoy Tantra – an energetically free atmosphere.

  • Henna, Taro, Children workshops, massage, Sauna!

  • Harry Vagrant / Sķūnis / Persian Music - Santur

    The concert will feature an instrument from modern Ancient Divupe in Iran, Turkey, Greece, Iraq, India, as well as Azerbaijan. The word “Santur” in Persian means “100 strings”. Harry improved his musical skills in the Balkans, Turkey, as well as studied Ottoman classical music theory on the island of Rhodes in Greece.

  • In the evening of Midsummer, all the musicians and performers of the festival will come together in the unifying concert of the festival - Rishi, Vigo Račevskis, Biruta Ozoliņa, Francesco Marani, Charlie Vas, Vjacheslav Lukjanov, John Edward Marley II, Premal Madina, Kristina Luna

  • Breakfast, Sign up for sauna, individual sessions

  • Rishi / Mežmala / DRUM CIRCLE

    Take your drum, percussions, anything that you can keep the beat with!

    Premal Madina / Temple / DEVI DANCE FOR WOMEN

    Healing, transformative and meditative journey for women.

    Juris Grave / Šķūnis / INTEGRATED MANHOOD

    Healing, transformative and meditative journey for men.

    Creativity Workshops / Ratnieki

  • Charie Vas, Francesco Marani, John Edward Marley II  / Stage

  • Andromeda / Šķūnis / ECSTATIC DANCE

    Balts Calendar, its meaning today.

    Māris Žunda / Mežmala / BIOHACKING

    Māris Žunda – health enthusiast and wellness coach, co-founder of biohacking community in Latvia, professional life and team coach, wim hof method trainer in Baltics, sauna master and movement trainer. Workshop with theory and practice!

    Creativity Workshops / RATNIEKI

    Henna, Taro, Children workshops, massage, Sauna!

  • Alisher Sherali DJ / Šķūnis / SHAMANIC JOURNEY IN DANCE

    Henna, Taro, Children workshops, Sauna!

  • Rishi, Vigo Račevskis, Kristaps Krolls, Ieva Rutentāle / Skatuve

    Dance ritual with Live music. TranceDance is one of the oldest ways of reconnecting with our inner forces - empowering, uplifting, energizing, motivating. A great way to step out of old habits and to look at your life in a different way.

  • Vigo Racevskis / Stage / Gong Meditation

  • Yoga / Iveta Dortane

    Step by step we will go deeper into the practice and give our mind a chance to be in peace.

    Morning Guided Meditation / Elina Vas

    In the guided meditation, we will open ourselves peacefully for the day. Through inner practice, we will connect with our spirit and open our hearts. We will illuminate the subconscious and let our inner sun rise.

  • Olafs Strodahs /Daugavmale / HEALTH SPORT

    Health sport in open air

    Barbara Medniece /Stage / YOGA

    Morning connection practice.

  • Būtība team / Stage


    This workshop is a journey to discover our real complementarity. Once we know each other as divine complimentary beings, we have a chance to reframe the unhealthy, conditioned ways in which men and women have historically related to each other. We all know it too well…. manipulation, unhealthy seduction, demands and expectations. By discovering and reconnecting with our own essence as Man and Woman we’ll be able to meet and melt with the opposite sex from the pure space of love and gratitude.

    Para Feja / / DANCE YOUR SHADOW

    Invite your inner ghosts, shadows of the past to dance and let them take off. / let's choose 5 unpleasant experiences / relationships of the past and release energy for a beautiful flirting with an exciting future through dance practice /

    Creativity Workshops / RATNIEKI

    Henna, Taro, Children workshops, Massage, Sauna!

  • Folkloras kopa Delve / Šķūnis / CLOSING CONCERT CEREMONY

  • Ugu Ruu / Stage / DANCE AS MEDITATION

    Barbara Medniece / / YOGA

    Step by step we will go deeper into the practice and give our mind a chance to be in peace.