Festival Program

Festival Program

  • Day 1

    June 22

  • Day 2

    June 23

  • Day 3

    June 24

  • Day 4

    June 25

  • We open registration at 2 pm, you are free to arrive and set up your tent. Check-in at the Guest house is starting 3:30 pm.

  • Būtība team

    Our first festival ceremony, meeting each other, opening the space.

  • Jeremy Nattagh & Adele B (France) This duet is a roaring alliance of elements: fire, air, water and earth, and also metal and wood. Didgeridoo, cajon, handpans, jawharp, cymbals, sanzula…all the textures of their music are born from these materials and elements.

  • Ancient Fire Ritual with Folk Band DELVE. United together in ritual and song. DELVE music is just like the fire-bred clayware, it is the melting pot for both the tradition and the creative innovation. Shamanic drumming, Songs and dance by the fire, long after midnight!

  • Barbara Medniece /Stage / YOGA

    Morning connection practice.

    Morning Guided Meditation / Elina Vas

    In the guided meditation, we will open ourselves peacefully for the day. Through inner practice, we will connect with our spirit and open our hearts. We will illuminate the subconscious and let our inner sun rise.

  • Breakfast, Sign up for sauna, individual sessions

  • Time to stop, listen to each other and share. Teachers will talk about their classes and rituals.

  • Biodanza with Kristiana Kalnina / Skatuve / BIODANZA

    BIODANZA® is a unique method of personal development, physical, mental and social health improvement, the theoretical model of which is based on the idea of the possibility of regeneration and self-regulation of all living systems. The aim of the method is to improve people's quality of life, reduce daily stress, get to physical and emotional well-being and restore a sense of basic trust in the world.

    Ilona Ansone / Mežmala / PULSATION ECSTATIC JOURNEY

    Pulsation Ecstatic Journey - combines breathing, spontaneous dance and music, in which experiences can open the inner door to all the ranges of emotions and clarity, release old tension, let in celebration and joy.


    Meet a modern mystic, Sufi or simply a man of Wisdom who has encountered the Higher in his life.

  • PEPE LEONE / Skatuve Eccentric hyperbolic frame drummer from Italy, he blends ancient Italian traditions with modern electronic grooves. He turns any kind of frame into a magic multiverse!

  • Reka Fodor / Skatuve / HEALING SOUND JOURNEY

    Her purpose is to guide and connect the person to the space of peace and bliss, that is deep inside each one of us and doesn’t depend on whatever happens on the periphery of our being.

    Maris Zunda / Rija / Breath Workshop

    Wim Hof method

    15:30 - 16:30 Ianawa / Mežmala / MUSICAL PERFORMANCE

    ÎANÄWA is a medicine music project that weaves prayers from around the world into a colorful patterned sound journey.

    17:00 - 18:30 Bremer & Livija / Mežmala / ECSTATIC DANCE

    Ecstatic dance Riga w/ Bremer and Livija

  • Henna, Taro, Children workshops, massage, Sauna!

  • Saule i Tuvak / Skatuve / Ethno PostFolk Band

    A little magical, a little healing, a little primal and heart-warming – this is the music performed by the post-folk group “Saule i Tuvāk”. From all known, self-arranged folk songs to original songs with a taste of folk songs. The magic of ethno kokle, complemented by percussions, various folk instruments, as well as more modern sounds, unified voices, takes the audience to the most important place under this Sun – back to himself!

  • Marc Jb / Skatuve / SHAMANIC FIRE DANCE

    Join us for this transformative journey, leave all that is holding you back from expressing your highest passion, purpose, joy, health and creativity. Release it to the spirit of fire. Become fully embodied, grounding your dreams into life, dancing with the energies of Mother Earth and the infinite possibilities of spirit to become the integrated, highest expression of humanity. This is the path of becoming your ultimate self. Music is medicine as we ride the waves of ecstatic, shamanic dance from ceremony guide Marc JB.

  • In the evening of Midsummer, all the musicians and performers of the festival will come together in the unifying concert of the festival - Rishi, Vigo Račevskis, Biruta Ozoliņa, Francesco Marani, Charlie Vas, Vjacheslav Lukjanov, John Edward Marley II, Premal Madina, Kristina Luna

  • Midsummer Fire Ritual, Fire Sculpture, Dancing and Singing around the fire till morning

  • Breakfast, Sign up for sauna, individual sessions

  • Premal Madina / Skatuve / DEVI DANCE FOR WOMEN

    Healing, transformative and meditative journey for women.

    Juris Grave / Rija / INTEGRATED MANHOOD

    Healing, transformative and meditative journey for men.

    11:00 - 12:00 Lalita Dasika / MUSIC PERFORMANCE

    LalitaDasika (formerly Inga Karpiča) is known as a creator and singer of folk song arrangements. Along with Latvian folk songs, the artist is inspired by ancient Indian culture, its songs, for which she has also started composing her own melodies, thus finding a broader horizon that encompasses both cultures.

    12:30 - 13:30 Chulla Bakthika / ROOTS MANTRA REGGAE

    The music is a mixture of Sinhalese scales and melodies, yoga mantra (Sanskrit) and roots reggae. The lyrics cover everything from environmental issues to relationships, religion and human rights and are sung in Sinhalese, English, Swedish and Sanskrit.

    Creativity Workshops / Puduri

  • Charie Vas, Francesco Marani,  / Skatuve

  • Pablo Gascone / Skatuve / ONE DANCING HEART

    One Dancing Heart workshop is a guided journey into ourselves, using breathing, movement, specific guidance to help connecting deeper to you and others, flowing together creating a safe space to dance freely in your body and learning the mysteries of dance and music!

    Agnese & Gunta / Rija / SHAMANIC BREATHING

    Shamanic breathing helps to connect with one’s inner wisdom and knowledge, to get closer to one’s wholeness and consciousness, to release the physical and psycho-emotional blocks, to release the impulses of self-healing, to purify and release energy channels and to allow the life energy to flow more freely.

    15:30 - 16:30 Jegor Kuzmin & Friends / Mežmala / MUSICAL PERORMANCE

    Rhythms of the Universe and Vibrations of Life in the “Shaman’s Song” musical meditation. During our meditation, you will plunge into the world of sounds that expand the space of consciousness, help you feel your connection with the One World and confess your love to it through music. We will sing, dance, shout and be silent … about Love and gratitude.

    17:00 - 18:30 Alina Causs / Mežmala / AFRICAN DANCE

    African dance is physically demanding and offers a profound emotional release. This is a space, free of stereotype, free of imposed rules, where we can reach for our original state of being. African dance allows us to be who we are, fearlessly, sometimes silly – always, authentically to ourselves. It’s just you and the rhythm – the rhythm of the Tam Tam and the rhythm of your Heart.

    17:00 - 18:30 Rishi / Daugmale / DRUM CIRCLE

    Take your drum, percussions, anything that you can keep the beat with!

    Creativity Workshops / PUDURI

    Henna, Taro, Children workshops, massage, Sauna!

  • Dana Indane-Surkiene / Skatuve / SONGS OF MOTHER AND FIELD
    Within it’s concert programme, festival “Būtība” welcomes voice improvisation artist Dana Indāne – Surkienė, presenting authentic voice improvisations, poetry from the time of pregnancy together with nature sounds from the field recordings made by Maksims Šenteļevs as in their latest music album - “Songs of Mother and Field” (“Gaidību dziesmas”, 2021). “Songs of Mother and Field” uncover the fragile enchantment of an expectant mother addressing her child in a gentle, subtle sequence of songs that are sung in a universal tongue of primordial love. A mother’s voice is strengthened by the sound of natural wilderness, uncovering a feeling of omnipresence deep within.  With a devout documentary approach, nine “field sound tales” reveal meditative vocal improvisations recorded during pregnancy. The album combines the voice of Latvian born, Lithuania based free improvisation artist Dana Indane-Surkiene and field recordings of sound artist Maksims Shentelevs. In this solo programme Dana Indāne – Surkienė will guide audience towards soul space where inner child is met by a loving and present parent. This will be a time for relaxing, resting and integrating experiences, gained during festival’s workshops and rituals.

    Henna, Taro, Children workshops, Sauna!

  • Rishi, Vigo Račevskis, Kristaps Krolls, Ieva Rutentāle / Skatuve

    Dance ritual with Live music. TranceDance is one of the oldest ways of reconnecting with our inner forces - empowering, uplifting, energizing, motivating. A great way to step out of old habits and to look at your life in a different way.

  • Vigo Racevskis / Stage / Gong Meditation

  • Breakfast, Sign up for sauna, individual sessions

  • Būtība team / Stage

  • 11:00 - 12:30 Andris & Egija Skujini / Skatuve / HEART MEDITATION

    Each phase of approximately seven minutes ends with a gentle sounding bell. By the time you reach the closing stage, a state of deep relaxation and receptivity should have been found.

    12:30 - 13:30 Anna Afanasjeva / Skatuve / SOUND JOURNEY

    Vjacheslav Lukjanov / Rija / JEW'S HARP MASTERCLASS

    Andromeda / Mežmala / ECSTATIC DANCE

    Creativity Workshops / PUDURI

    Henna, Taro, Children workshops, Massage, Sauna!

  • Biruta Ozolina and ININ NINI / Skatuve / CLOSING CONCERT and RITUAL