Venue details

Festival takes place in one of the most beautiful areas of Latvian nature – near Kegums,
located in a country side setting surrounded by the magical Latvian woods on the banks of the largest Latvia river, Daugava.


Keguma novads, Puduri


June 21 – 24


Venue is situated 50 km. from Riga. Please see below the coordinates in the Google map. Join our Facebook group, to find a share ride and to follow Festival News.


Camping spot is included in the event fee.
Registration in the Guest house is open at 4 pm on June 21st, Check out at 18.00 June 24. Please make the reservations timely, as the number of beds are limited.


Exclusively delicious vegetarian meals will serve as one of our collective rituals three times a day. We invite you to bring your own vessels and utensils as we intend to avoid using disposable tableware.